Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter thoughts...

This perhaps was one of the oddest Easter Weekends.  Saturday felt like Sunday.  We went to church for a youth pancake breakfast (fundraiser) and an egg hunt.  The rest of the day I was plagued with the urgent need to take a nap (or naps), which I usually reserve for Sunday afternoon.  The cubs have started their baseball season, so you can guess what channel our tv stayed on all weekend!!  I love to watch Cubs baseball, but the drone of the crowd puts me out! Perfect napping conditions....

On Sunday, the baby had a fever that I thought we were finished with!!  It is not wise to close up a child in a nursery with a fever and lots of other little children, so I left my husband at home with the baby  and attended Sunday Easter service  on my own.  I also had some nursery duties to take care of.  During my 30 minute drive, I listened to worship music and praised the Lord for what Easter really means.  I enjoyed my ride alone in the car, and the springtime scenery along the way.  I thought about the cross, and about my savior and what must His scenery have looked like.  This is all in sharp contrast to the phone calls my husband was getting all weekend.  I don't like it when he is on call.  There is "lostness"  behind these calls.  The phone rings at  strange hours and it is usually not good.  There is sleep lost and then usually a discussion about people who can't be nice to one another.  About the evil that exists just over the hill so to speak, and about how law enforcement and others who work the long night hours even on Easter weekend.  My husband appreciates these guys on the frontline.  They usually go without thanks and they miss out on time with their families.   I mean really, is it wise to commit crimes on a holiday? is the reason Jesus came afterall.  It is the reason for the cross.  Do the prayers I utter for the families behind these phone calls really help?  Although at times the task at hand seems despairingly without hope,  I know different.  I know that lostness is conquered one heart at a time.  I know Jesus came for all of us and I know that I  have a job to do.  

So, I enjoyed my drive home alone and I thought about all the folks at church honoring the Lord with their Easter finery and the beautiful music and about the folks who went down front after the sermon for a profession of faith and baptism!  I thought about how the Holy Spirit stirs around the room in ways I can't even imagine, amongst hearts and heads, and how even my few tired thoughts of despair for the lost cannot stop His power.  I know that there were distracted hearts there yesterday who most likely did not hear anything, but I also know that there were a few, including my own, who sat humbled at the foot of the cross, even for just a moment. 

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!


  1. This was a great post.
    Hope your baby is feeling better and tell your husband I said Thank You!

  2. Hi, Meredith! I am so excited... I have been unable to view your blog for several weeks now (I would always get a strange error), but this morning I am in! YEA!

    I really enjoyed this post. So many good thoughts and reminders of the importance of Easter.

    Hope the baby is feeling better today!

  3. Hi again. I assumed your husband's job was something like that. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to work so hard to keep us safe, only to have a defense atty get the criminals back on the street on ridiculous technicalities.

    Yes, firefighting is probably more fun...and probably much safer. At least fire is predictable....not people. I considered applying at the police academy but I have a feeling that ADHD and guns are not a great combination.
    : )

  4. So glad you are feeling better, bless you.

  5. Amen Meredith... He is risen indeed! God woke me up in the night last night just to have me ponder about what eternity will be like... it is like He told me to get my focus off of earthly things and to have an eternal perspective... I am trying, but I do so easily get distracted!

    I am praying John Ryan is better soon!