Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I haven't had much time for blogging lately. Just thinking. Pondering. One day I will catch up with all the topics running around in my head. I WILL take a moment to comment on Today. It is Thankful Thursday after all, and I am certainly thankful for today. It was just a very good day. It went something like this....

My day began at 0430. There was scripture and song, and driving down 280(a crazy Highway that I spend way too much time on). Then I worked in recovery for 8 hours and a rep brought us chic-fil-a minis and fruit. Yummy!
I had the sweetest patients to minister to. No one threw up on me, no one had any crazy heart rhythms or uncontrollable pain. Everyone's blood sugar and blood pressure was stable. I clocked out on time. I hit the highway BEFORE the thickest part of rush hour. Very important!!

I managed to get home in time to get on that ellyptical and get a work out in before anyone else came home! I then cooked dinner!! I enjoyed a very pleasant meal at the table with my hubby and child who by the way said a very sweet blessing over his food. Didn't understand anything he said except for the AMEN at the end, but that's okay!! Does a mom's heart good!!

I then "shined my sink" and "blessed my home" just a bit. Kiddo read a book to me and talked nonstop from the time he came home till the time he went to bed. I love that Child! He'll be two in March.

So here I am, spending just a little time on the computer. Browsing blogs. Laughing. Crying. Enjoying the rich part of life that is there. I want to read a book, but my eyelids are heavy. I am VERY VERY thankful for today. Thankful for all the parts of my life that today represents.

Usually things DO NOT go this smoothly for me on a work day, so I am thankful for this as well. It was a VERY good day!!

I'm going to bed now. THANKFULLY, I get to do it all again tomorrow. Two shifts in a row. 0430 comes earlier on the second morning!! :)


  1. I'm thankful for you and your family today. You're such a blessing with your positive attitude. So glad that you are in our Sunday School class.

  2. So good to hear a bit from you today, Meredith!

    I love all the blessings you found in the daily routine... those are my favorite kinds of blessings!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. So glad you had a good day! Hope you have many more! That is so sweet that JR said the blessing at dinner... I love hearing him talk in Sunday School, he is just too cute!