Wednesday, April 25, 2012

40 weeks update

I promise I haven't abandoned my journey.  We have had some wireless issues and since I don't know how to blog on my smart phone, it is what it is.  Seems that every time I have had 30 minutes to myself that is available for blogging, either the wireless is acting up or my hubby has the laptop.  ;)

I'm still on the road for resolution success!!  As I mentioned in the beginning of the journey, there is only setup for success here, not failure.  I  last left off with week 10.  I will catch you up on what I've been doing,  but I will keep it brief.
Week 11:  March 11th-17th This week I will Pray diligently for someone.  I will vote.  I will prepare for a party.

Week 12: March 18th-24th  This week I will continue my 5k training.  I will lose 0.5 pound.  I will pray for someone.

Week 13:  March 25th-31st  This week I will balance well.  I will run.  I will enjoy a reunion.

Week 14:  April 1st-7th  This week I will write my thoughts on the reunion and share it publicly.  I will make super mom cupcakes ( for the 3k easter party)  and I will enjoy my time with my child at the zoo!!

Week 15:  April 8th-14th  This week I will finish my taxes, be thankful for all that I've been given, and work an extra shift.

Week 16:  April 15th-21st  This week I will work an extra shift.  I will pack early!!  I will run the RACE!!! ( and meet my goal)

Blessed Journeys

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