Thursday, September 10, 2009

I really didn't need the V8!!

In honor of Thankful Thursday I will post a few pics from our summer vacation.

The week before July 4th holiday, we had the opportunity to travel to Pensacola and Destin. This is the trip on which the computer got spilled upon, thus providing me with a month of no computer access. It is possible to survive without a computer and I was actually thankful for some "hideaway" time.

My husband decided ahead of time that while in Pensacola, we would stay at the Naval Air Station. Cheap! Cheap is Good! He used his military ID to call and get us a discounted room on base. He says, "I don't know why I never think of this, we could go and stay cheaply in just about any major city". I will make sure that this stays on his radar from now on!:) Our room was really nice and almost as big as our master suite at home. They left mints on our pillow people! Good Mints!

We visited with my uncle and cousins and we ate well and enjoyed time together. We traveled on to Destin where our luxurious resort room......well, it just made me happy! Marble, Crabtree and Evelyn, balcony, ocean get the picture. Kiddo loved the phone in the bathroom!!

The baby traveled fabulously and the weather was great. The outlet mall showed no sign of a depressed economy and again we ate really well and genuinely enjoyed our time together. Kiddo enjoyed his FIRST trip to the beach and flirted shamelessly everywhere we went. No major meltdowns and he loved his bottom bunk!

I came home so refreshed and rested. AND thankful, soooo thankful!

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  1. So glad you had a great vacation! I love the pictures of JR! After our lunch on Sunday David wanted to know when you all could come and spend the night!!