Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Ol' Jeep

In the previous post I blogged about perspective and some sadness. The day after posting, I attended the funeral for the sweet 8 month old mentioned, and my head just hasn't been right this week. Then yesterday, I learned about a tragic loss for our church family, a young wife and new mother. I just can't bear to write about it really. I am processing. I am praying.

I do not wish to seem insensitive. Trust me, I'm hurting. So, If you will bear with me, I will stop and post something funny. It's a little poem I just made up this week about my old jeep wrangler. Inspired by freezing cold temps here in ALABAMA!!

Good Ol' Jeepy,
She's quite a heapy.
It's cold outside.
She likes to freezey.
Had to climb right through the back,
And squeeze my rear between the crack.
Too old, too old
to be climbing seats.
My heapy jeep,
your frozen doors are
quite the treat.



  1. I love the jeep poem... it brought a smile to my face...

    and I am like you, I can't really process or absorb what has happened... my heart is hurting so for the family, I can not begin to comprehend the hurt they are experiencing...

    It definitely brings a much clearer perspective to life...


  2. I probably should have added something like.....
    You are paid for, that makes you sweet!!:)

  3. If you don't take time out to laugh or smile....especially during tragic times you don't heal.

    I'm so sorry about what you and your community are going through. It is just awful, but it is ok to laugh and smile.

    Have you ever been to a funeral or the person's home afterwards when there is a small child or baby there? People are smiling and laughing at the antics of the child. It really is theraputic. (yes, I know, I cannot spell).

    Be sure to visit tomorrow's special is especially Just For You!!!!
    (even though I liked it too!)
    ...Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!!"

    Praying for you and all those around you.