Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today was Tuesday

I got up early this morning in preparation for a 10 hour shift. There was a special treat awaiting me in blogland. I do not usually have time to look at blogs before driving in to work, but for some reason this morning I did. If you have never hopped over to visit myADHD me at Monkeys Are Funny, you really should go. There is always some fun going on over there. She's witty and kind and writes funny anecdotes about life and her son who I'm sure REALLY appreciates it, which makes it even more amusing. On Tuesdays, she always features "a special guest" and the wait to see where her mind will take her is never disappointed. Today she featured a special guest just for me. Truly a trip down memory lane. I am honored!!

Now there is no accounting for the tastes of a second grader, but I never missed an episode of 'The Hardy Boys', and Shaun Cassidy had a special place on my wall. I even had one of those little radios with the microphones, and my little record player played the fool out of a 45 or two. I also read the Nancy Drew books.

So, I played the clip this morning and all through the day while recovering my patients I was struck by random bursts of giggling. My poor patients. Fortunately they were all sedated and never noticed my easily tickled funny bone. How goofy the 70's were! Silk pants?? Da Do Run Run?? Such a hoot!! Go visit! AND thank you my funny monkey friend for truly making my day!!


  1. HA! I remember having one of those little record players with the microphone too! We could have been stars!!!

    You know, I have a group of bloggers that I always try to make a point to read their posts, (including yours). It seems like lately I haven't had the motivation to get to them. I'm so glad I finally got here to read this.
    I'm glad it helped make your day a fun day!

  2. Ahh...the 70's. What a hoot. How I'd love to go back.