Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful that it IS Thursday and I'm blessed to be in a position to enjoy it!!  I did not have to work a shift today and I am so glad that the stomach bug  I encountered early this morning, turned out to be just something I ate, I think.  I am thankful for the unseasonably warm weather we've been having here in Alabama.  I am thankful that I was able to run this afternoon.  I ran 4.10 miles and included the dog walk/run in that trek.  This is my distance record.  I am ever so slow.  But I am growing stronger, I can tell.

While running I was listening to my worship music.  Addison Road's 'What Do I Know of Holy' came on just about the time I remembered how much I hate the smell of Bradford Pear trees blooming. Running in the stench is no fun!  They just started blooming this week and today is the first day I have noticed the smell.  Such an awful stench for such a pretty blossom.  We had one outside of our kitchen window until a labor day storm knocked it over onto our fence.  I loved watching the birds and squirrels play in that tree, but otherwise I'm rather glad it is gone.  It was in an odd place and growing way too big to be so close to the house.  It must have been the tree of choice for the builders when they planned this neighborhood cause just about every yard has one.  (tangent)

So, I'm running and thinking about holiness in general and thinking about the awful aroma, listening to the words of the song, and thinking  about how the fragrance of this world must grieve the Creator.  What DO I know of Holy?  I am small.  I am loved.  I was spoken into motion.  My life is a vapor.  Thankful that the stench of my sin was bought and paid for, in full, on a cross, on a hill.  Thankful that there is no sweeter fragrance than that of the Holy Spirit at work.  Humbled.  Thankful.

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