Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some spending and some study...

Update on some spending:
When you prepare to "spend yourself", You know it's coming.  Some surprise or overwhelming assignment, or something you don't think you have time for.  I was watching.... and waiting.  After one of my runs this week a neighbor called just as I was getting ready to "rest my eyes" in the recliner.  I was hoping that I could be of some comfort.  "He left", she says.  Suffering from a terrible case of PTSD, he's packed up his bags, loaded the trailer, and left.  He just recently returned from Afghanistan and a completely different person came home.  They've been struggling since Christmas, going to counseling, he's refused VA help.   I cried with my friend as she described her youngest son crying hysterically and then their search of scripture for comfort.  My heart is heavy for them.  I have had to resist the urge to spew off in "righteous anger" as this does not produce the righteousness of God (James 1:20).   If you should happen to think about them this week please join me in prayer for this family.

THEN, I learned of a project for ministry that needed my attention.  It went smoothly, and of course I fretted more than was necessary.  NOW, my house is a complete disaster!!  Funny how just a few surprises can railroad your whole week, but HEY, all to the glory! right?

Week 9
February 26th-March 3rd
1.  This week I will run the distance.
2.  Catch up on some of that cleaning I mentioned.
3.  Work an extra shift.

Blessed Journeys!

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