Saturday, January 17, 2009

Broken bowls and Half-eaten cornbread

Yesterday I was rushing around with my to do list  organized in my head.  I was entertaining my little one and preparing to take him to his 9 month check-up;  I  had an appointment with a neighbor to get some "feed the fish" instructions as she was preparing to travel out of town; and I was making cornbread so that I could take some food to a sweet friend on my way to the Doctor's office.  All of this of course had to be worked in around  baby feeding and naps and baths and such.  Certainly a manageable list, but I was becoming more and more harried as my "must depart by this time"  was quickly approaching. (Type A-just a little)

The first batch of cornbread was finished,  Nicely and warmly wrapped in foil and sitting on the very back of my kitchen counter.  The second batch was almost done. (is batch the right word?)   I turned the oven off,  bundled up the baby before he could fall asleep, and headed to my neighbors for the instructions.  I knew that even if the bread in the oven got just a little crispy, it would be ok.  This was the batch I was keeping for my hubby and myself and there were only 9 minutes left on the timer.

I returned home less than 15 minutes later to find my dog looking for a way to escape and a nicely wrapped foil full of cornbread ripped open and half eaten.  My favorite batter bowl was also lying shattered in the floor!!  I was stunned.  My bowl!!  I let out a long drawn out whiney cry (you know the ones?) "Wriiggggleeeeeyyy" along with a big sigh. Wrigley just dropped his head.   I wanted  to just sit down in the floor.   Broken bowls and half eaten cornbread........ever feel like that?  ever just have one of those days?  I know I've had worse than this but  Now I would need to give my friend the less than perfect:) cornbread from the oven  and hope that one day I  could replace my batter bowl with another art festival find.  

 While cleaning the mess I considered my daily bible reading.  Luke 12 has a lot of good stuff in it!!!   There is the part about not being anxious, and the part about how we are not about our possessions.  And how God even provides for the sparrow etc etc. LOTS and   LOTS of good stuff!!   My favorite batter bowl does not really mean that much in eternity and the stuff that does matter doesn't ever shatter.  I truly hope on some other day, when I feel a bit broken or half eaten, that I will remember that big bowl of God's good unbreakable stuff  he has waiting for us.  It's way more filling than cornbread!!

As an added note.  I made hubby some biscuits instead, lest anyone was thinking he suffered.:)


  1. Well Meredith...
    I will have to say, I did not think the cornbread was "less than perfect", I thought it was yummy! And I feel horrible that your favorite bowl got broken when making cornbread for us... and that I was not able to be here when you dropped the food off, we could have commiserated together... me over my pain and feeling bad, and you over your broken bowl and half-eaten cornbread! It was definitely nice to have the boys stay for lunch bunch and get an extra hour and a half of quiet to myself, and then come home and put them down for nap and get 2 more hours of quiet... but I am so sorry I had to go pick them up when you were coming by.

    I hope today has been a better day! I am so thankful for your friendship!


  2. Hi, Meredith! I came over via Tricia's blog. It's so nice to meet you and I just loved reading your first post. What true words are in Luke and I pray that I remember them the next I have a similar incident happen at my house!

    Blessings to you and I'll be back soon!

  3. I love this part!!!!

    "the stuff that does matter doesn't ever shatter. I truly hope on some other day, when I feel a bit broken or half eaten, that I will remember that big bowl of God's good unbreakable stuff he has waiting for us."

    Pretty powerful stuff:) I'm an introvert too, and that's why I love blogging so much is because I think locked inside of me is an extrovert wanting to bloom...

    Blessings as you begin your blogging journey:)

  4. I should have probably friend should not feel bad because once I allowed the Lord to speak to me about that silly bowl, I relaxed, slowed down and left the house a happy and contented person. But I really did want her to have the first and best of the cornbread!:)

  5. Hi! I've enjoyed reading your blog so far! You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself! Anyway, hope you have a great weekend! :)


  6. Great post! You are an inspiration to me... I am sitting here thinking do I go to church alone since Joey just left for work or do I stay home. I decided to look at the blogs and see what is going on. Came across your blog from Tricia's...I remember how faithful you always are in attendance even when your honey was out of the country. So....with God's help I am going to pick myself up and come to church.
    Love your post...can't wait to read more.
    Have a Super Sunday!!!

  7. love it. So glad you decided to share yourself in the blogosphere, any of friend of Tricia's is a friend of mine *wink*.