Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesdays Together

I have been absent from blogger world.  I'll explain later.  Tuesdays Together is as good a time as any to jump back in.  I'm sharing from 2 Corinthians today.  It's long, so bear with me.   If you are not familiar with Tuesdays Together, please visit DeeDee to check it out and to visit others who participate.  

Yesterday  while working in recovery, my patient looked up at me and said, "This won't keep me from going over seas will it?  cause I'm going in February and I don't want to miss it this time.....".  Patients rattle on about lots of things while they are waking up from their "twilight sleep" as we call it.  He went on to talk about his unit in the National Guard and his future deployment and about his herniated discs and how he just really did not want to miss going with his unit.  Men.  The voice in my head answered him,  "well, I hope it does keep you from going".  I of course could not say that out loud.   That was the answer of a mother and a wife.  Surely they feel differently about his enthusiasm to deploy.  Surely they do not want him to go overseas.   Driving home, I was thinking about his conversation and it dawned on me that today June 9th, 2009 is a type of anniversary for my family.  On Nov. 9th, 2008 just 7 months ago, my husband returned home from Iraq.  And so, in honor of this anniversary and in honor of Memorial Day ( albeit very late) I wanted to share an essay that I wrote back in November.  Keep in mind that I wrote this essay before I became a blogger.  I wrote it the week after my husband returned.  Also keep in mind that our group at church had just finished the bible study, 'What Happens When Women say Yes to God' by Lysa Terkeurst.   I never really imagined that I would be sharing this essay with others.  It was just my way of pouring my heart out on paper, and it is also  dedicated to my church family and others who know who they are....


2 Corinthians 5:14

For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died.

Christ's love compels us.  COMPELS.  Because we are CONVINCED.  Powerful words.  Striking verse.  It is not difficult to imagine a love so convincing that it moves or COMPELS one into action.  Especially when you have witnessed it for yourself.

My most recent encounter with Christ's compelling love occurred during my husband's deployment to Iraq.  He left the house in Nov. 2007 and returned in Nov. 2008, just 1 week ago.  The last 7 months of this deployment were in Rutbah, Iraq,  A remote western city.

I am so moved by the expressions of love that were directed my way that I felt it necessary to write them out; chew on them a little and savor what inspiration might come from them.

Thanksgiving, Christmas--Love called and invited me to the family dinners even though it was suspected I would travel and join my own parents, you still called and invited me.... Each Sunday after church,  Love took turns inviting me to lunch  instead of allowing me to go home alone to eat.  Love visited me at the hospital.  Love sent emails and cards.  Love PRAYED for me.

When I was very largely pregnant, Love rolled my big trashcan down my steep driveway every Thursday.  And even when I protested, Love sometimes managed to get it back up the driveway--if I  let him.

The day my husband left again to return to his unit, my infant son was 6 days old.  I rounded the corner and witnessed my husband bent over the bassinet with large tears hanging from his eyes.  Don't see him cry very often,  But Love will do that to a person.

For weeks, I hurt from the stitches.  I didn't move very well.  Love organzied and sent food, for what seemed like a month!!

Love came and helped me clean.  And then there was a babysitting list that Love concocted so that I could leave the house for a few hours and Love signed up.  Week after week.  Then when the daycare spot we had prayed for opened up, some of you did not get the chance to babysit, but your names were there, on that list.  Written in love.

Love called to check on me.  Love PRAYED for me.  Love raced across the yard with the other neighbors to see who could cut my grass first.  Love returned week after week with the mower and the weed eater.

When my dog busted down a section of the fence, Love watched my newborn while I went out looking for my dog.... And then the next morning when I heard voices outside my window, I realized that neighbors  had joined together to shore up my fence, with a bag of quikcrete that came from a neighbor's garage.  Love did that....

When my 2 cats and my dog brought into the house such a fierce flea infestation that both tortured and embarrassed me, you sent your hubby over to spray my drought stricken back yard.

Love served in the church nursery and cared for my child.  During Wednesday night suppers, Love took my infant and allowed me to eat a normal meal....with grown ups.

Nursing and raising a newborn on your own brings great joy and weariness.  Some nights the darkness would come and the kind of weariness that seeps right down through to the very bone would set in.  On these nights, when all I could utter between the sobs were the words to 'Great is Thy Faithfulness' over and over, I know that Love was praying and intervening on my behalf.  I know that YOU were going deep into your prayer closets and praying for me.  Love does that.
I know these weary nights of weakness all to well.  Nights where Christ's LOVE and strength really were enough.  They really were.... They still are.  Not just enough, but abundantly so.

'Crazy Love'.  Haven't had the chance to read the book yet.  But I'm guessing it's there.  On the pages, between the pages.  This Love that I've mentioned.  Compelling. Convincing.  Amazing. Crazy.  What happens when Love says yes?  Well,  I hope I've given you a glimpse.   The folks of CBChurch said yes, and I will never be able to repay them; except to stop and give Glory to the God who has given that COMPELLING Love for us all.
I realize now  how late and out of date these words might seem and I probably should have shared these thank yous and  sentiments earlier, but the leading didn't come until today.  Maybe someone just needed this today.  I hope so.  


  1. Wow! That is so wonderfully written, said, thought, etc! I must say I have never walked in your shoes but I know the heartaches that would naturally come your way. I am glad that you had the faith to stand on your Rock. You always seemed to have it so together. Thanks so much for sharing...

  2. It's never too late...never out of date the Love you speak of. The Crazy Love. Thank you for sharing this...and thank you for the beautiful examples of love that helped to carry you through that time in your life. What an example of the love of Jesus...of sacrificial, amazing, crazy love.

    Bless you...and your sweet family,

  3. oh Meredith... what a beautiful post..Brings tears to my eyes.
    What happens when the body of Christ functions as it should? Needs are met and God gets the glory... Sweet!
    Love and Blessings to you...

  4. "Love never fails". I think that is wht you are saying. And you are right.
    This was hard to read though the tears of joy.


  5. I have tears streaming down my face and my parents are wondering what in the world is wrong with me (we are at their house visiting...)

    Such a precious post and a wonderfully moving and heartfelt testimony of the love of Christ as ministered through His body... thanks for allowing all of us to minister to you! You and your family are a huge blessing to us!!

    Blessings and love!

  6. Wow, your words on my blog brought me to tears, and then I come here to thank you, and you move me to tears again! This is soooooooo beautiful!!! Wow...just beautiful...

    Thank you for being you and for the encouragement you send forth... it's often very timely:)

    With love, Heaven

  7. This was such a strong post.
    God bless you.
    God bless your husband.
    God bless your child.
    God bless the patient you had that is eager to serve his country.
    God bless all of the men and women that risk their lives to keep us safe and free.
    God bless the families they leave behind.
    And, God Bless America!

    Thank you to you and your family.

  8. Meridith, how sweet of you to say all of those things. You are truly an amazing lady. Love does show up when we least expect it. I am glad I was able to help out. If you ever need anything and I am able to help, I will be glad to. God bless you and your family.