Monday, June 22, 2009

Major Dad


We had a good Father's Day.  We went to church,  ate ribs afterwards, took  naps, and played with the baby.  Hubby went running in the late afternoon.  I advised him to wait until after 6pm(heat index)  but it was what he wanted to do and afterall, it was his day.  Now that I have the house to myself, I'm going to brag on him a little, even if it is Monday.

Even though he is not perfect by any means, he is perfect for me. God really knew what he was doing.  He is decent, honorable, and hardworking.  He serves his country and the people of this state.  He could have gone to work somewhere for a lot more money, but he chose not to.  He's good at what he does and genuinely loves the people that he works with.  He loves the Lord and his family(photos).   If you knew half of what I do about what he grew up out of and overcame, you'd be in awe of him as well.  Especially when you see him at the table in the mornings drinking his coffee and reading his bible.

Last year on Father's Day my husband was serving in the "great hot sandbox".  (photos) It was his first Father's Day and his 2nd deployment.  He spent most of his time losing sleep.  He never slept more than 4 hours at a time for the whole 7 months he was there.  No one wanted to share a room with him for all the knocking on doors.  The constant "sir, there's a problem....." tended to cut sleep down to a minimum.  

 He briefed, he met, he ate foreign food, he socialized, he solved problems, he secured, he promoted, he was always a target,  etc etc......a long list of etc.  He even stood on a HumV and gave speeches to Iraqi's about not quitting just because they had not yet gotten paid.  He believed in what this village was trying to establish.   It worked. 

If you were to ask him out in public about some of these stories, he would probably play them down.  He wouldn't brag about how he got promoted or how he received the highest honor any artillery officer can receive.  He wouldn't brag about how ALL his men returned home safely from TWO deployments.   He probably wouldn't mention how the spiritual lives of his marines were affected while under his command.   He probably WOULD tell you about how doing the Experiencing God study while there in the desert affected him.  He probably would tell you how God honored his obedience in many matters.

Recently, on a Friday, my husband received a job offer.  He had to give an answer by Monday.  It was military related.  It was an artillery officer's dream job.  It was flattering to be asked.  Very Complementary to be considered for such a job as this.  He had to turn it down.  He could not leave his wife and child again.   For no amount of fame or history making, can he leave his civilian job again.  He would have to quit in order to volunteer.   The job would mean more money.  He sounded excited when he called to tell me about it.  I asked him if he was tempted.  He said he was, but only for a few.  I am so thankful!!

  Someday he might let me tell you the story of the bibles.   Just know that at the end of the chaos those bibles caused,  God's plan ruled and there are 100 arabic bibles that were not there before.  Will a remote western village be changed?  It already has been.  Only God knows the end of that long story.

My husband probably worries about being a good father.  When his own father died at a very young age, he was sent to live with an aunt and an uncle.  At the funeral, with future unknown, a pastor put his hand on a very young man's burdened shoulder and told him, "son, you are embarking on a great adventure, your journey is just beginning".   How prophetic were those words!!  

As you can tell, I'm a big fan!  I respect and love my husband for all that he is and will be.  As for my own father?  I'm going fishing with him this week, I'll post about that later!!!

Happy Father's Day!!


  1. Meredith, thank you for sharing this with us. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. I am happy for you, and the love that you share.

    I am so thankful for his service to our country. I so admire men that serve in the military.

    How awesome to have a man that studies his bible,...and puts God first and family next, and doesn't let money or position get in the way.

    Loved the pictures. Glad he had a good Father's Day. You are a good wife to give honor like this to your man. God is pleased with that! (:>)

    Have a good Monday.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Let me dry up my tears so I can reply to this beautiful post. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful husband, to put God and family before a better paying job. God is truly working in his life. I know he is a good dad and will continue to be as John grows. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have fun fishing with your dad!


  3. What a great tribute for Father's Day.

    If you keep making me cry every week, you are going to have to change your blog name to "Kleenex for Thee".

    Just Kidding...

    I do love how you write. Your love for the Lord and your family is so evident in your writing that it really moves me.

    I am so thankful for you!

  4. well kleenex, since you are one of those who encouraged me to start blogging, you have yourself to blame :)......thank you everyone for your kind words. I might get in trouble if hubby reads it...
    I shouldn't call it a village, I think it is not quite small enough, I don't know. The picture is of an outer post, not the actual city....

  5. You are truly blessed....actually, I think you both are. He sounds like a wonderful man, and your love for him makes him even better.

    Bless you both for standing strong for America.

  6. Meredith, Chris and I are very honored and blessed to know you both. God knew what He was doing when he brought the two of you together. Your love and service to Him are such a witness and testimony to all of us. We have proudly told the story of the bibles and again there is no way to measure how far reaching that will be. We love you both and thank God for your witness. Blessings, Vicki

  7. I'm a big fan too. Oh how I love you! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes thankful that there is a man out there like Alan and thankful to know him. I like Kelly's suggestion for the tile of your blog. Kleenex for Thee! Too funny. I hope to see you tonight.