Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Kiddo is very excited about "Bifday cake"

Today was Thursday. It was also my Husband's birthday. I had the day off. I was very thankful to actually get up and NOT leave the house for work while everyone was still asleep. I was thankful for the opportunity to make pancakes for my child and my spouse. I was thankful for the opportunity to catch up on this very dirty house. I took our dog for a walk/run. Very simple pleasures, but ones that I really enjoy and have missed with all the working I've had to do lately.

I am especially thankful today for my husband. I know I've blogged about him before, but I can't say enough great things about him. He is a very busy man, but somehow manages to effectively work two jobs and make it look easy. It's really 3 jobs if you count the online course work he must complete for the Corps. He gets phone calls at all hours. Without knowing him personally, there is no real satisfactory way to convey to you what his job/life entails. My sister once laughed at him for reading the "7 habits" book by Covey. I'm sure you know the one. She thinks he should write it, not read it.

Besides being organized, he is kind, loves his family, and loves the Lord. He is funny. He loves Baseball and enjoys taking me to games when we get the chance. After he returned from his first deployment, I took him to Chicago to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field. That was before we had a child, we could do such things.:) It was one great vacation! I think I got the best present of the century award!! (family joke)

Anyway, Despite my ramblings I really do have a point. Birthdays are important. They are for celebrating. We are never promised another one. I am thankful for today, the man, and all his birthday represents. Happy Birthday my Love! I hope you had a very good day!

Oh and by the way, chocolate pound cake from the Piggly Wiggly totally rocks!!

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  1. Tell him Happy Birthday :)...

    I love reading your posts. You have a wonderful way with words.