Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Funnies

In honor of Friday funnies I am giving a shout out to a blog that I enjoy visiting whenever I get the chance. This weekend while baby and I were on our own (dada had drill), I had made my bed and was working on something in the kitchen. He decided to drag all his stuff into my room and pile it on the bed. He's been doing that a lot lately. ALL blankets and animals MUST leave the crib and wander around the house with kiddo!!:) He has learned how to climb up on our bed by himself, and although he has never slept in our bed, he enjoys "paying" there. Precious! I have learned that when things get quiet, I need to go and check on him pronto!! This is what I found this weekend when I rounded the corner. I grabbed my camera and tried my best to catch the hilarity of the moment, but I missed the really good shot!

Recognize that book?? That is Lynnette's book. He had it open and was pretending to read it like such a big boy!! I couldn't help but laugh, it was such a genuine moment. I encourage you to visit Lynnette Kraft at her blog. The desire to enjoy the richness and beauty of life in ALL ,and I do mean all:), matters is expressed daily here. Lynnette is no stranger to pain and loss. I am reading her book because not only has she been faithful to write it, but also because I am finding myself surrounded by people who have and still are experiencing loss. You can read about them here, and here and then there is my coworker who's husband committed suicide a year ago who I blogged about very briefly. I am good at praying for these people, but often find myself unable to find words when speaking to these folks. These friends understand this I know, and sometimes would just prefer my silent hugs, but sometimes I would much rather just cook an asparagus casserole. I'm sure you can relate.

When big boy and I are BOTH finished reading this book heehee, I plan on passing it along to our friend who lost their child from SMA (mentioned in the link above). I think about her on just about every page and I have cried on just about every page so far. I am just that way and No I don't think it's pms:). But first I have to figure out where the bookmark was before kiddo threw it across the room!!

ok, so laugh at the pics and the sheep feet!! Visit Lynnette and buy a book if you can!! Enoy your Friday and Have a great weekend! And if by chance I made you cry, I didn't mean to. Just scroll back up to the sheep feet and that infectious grin and that ought to cure you right up!! :)


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  1. Hi Meredith. Ah, how cute is that?!! Tell sweet little baby boy that he's my youngest reader. :) That is so funny - that he was laying there with it open like he was really reading it. hee hee

    Thanks for sharing Meredith.
    Gotta love dat babe.