Friday, March 13, 2009

Just for Fun Friday

Don't you just LOVE it when........ realize that the tuna concoction and the cantaloupe you ate for lunch wasn't very satisfying but the Thin Mints were? (please tell me you know what a Thin Mint is) have been running on the treadmill for what seems like ages, and the display shows 0.35miles?  What? seriously?  are you kidding me? find out the next day, that NOW the display doesn't work at all? realize that the load you put in the washer 2 days ago, .... is still in there? bleh! have recently discovered the wonderfulness of oreo cakesters and  then find that the 100 calorie packs have been picked clean at the grocery store (just like the commercial said they would)? have a broken refrigerator and it takes a week and a half for the guys to get it fixed? think your broken scale is a good thing, until you realize the new one is worse?...ha!  take the time to make a wonderful batch of muffins for your sunday school class, you try one, and then your dog tries the other 11 while you are fixin' your face in the bathroom?

These make me laugh.  I'm having so much fun with this, that I might have to make these appear on a regular basis.  Have a great weekend!

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. 
Prov. 17:22


  1. I loved these...
    and thanks for the laughter this morning!

  2. Those are good Meredith... I do know and love thin mints! My favorites are the tagalongs...

    That dog of yours must just really like your cooking!

    This is a great idea... I may have to resort to this when I am having bad days to help me get a better attitude!


  3. Oh, yes I do know what a Thin Mint is and I just love them!

  4. Your blog made me cheerful this morning. I am on my way home today and dreading the 2 hour layover I have in Tampa. Pray for me.

    I am privileged to be your friend. Truly.

  5. HA! You're funny.
    1. Thin Mints..YUM!
    2. Treadmills make terrific clothes hangers.
    4. Been there. Bleh just barely describes it!
    5. I just love it when I buy a large bag that says only 100 caleries per serving...then I check the serving size....2 chips, mini cookies etc.
    7. All scales are wrong. Especially the ones at the doctors offices. ANOTHER conspiracy!
    8. You bake?! WOW!! I'm not worthy....