Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Technical Difficulties

My apologies to anyone who might have been looking for a new post!!  I have been computerless since the weekend.  I finally got the chance to open my email and I had 95 new emails in my inbox!!  

Don't you love it when your hard drive crashes and your mom starts to worry cause you are not answering your emails or your phone? ( I was talking on the other line... helloooo?)

Anyway, I'm back online and I will try to do some catching up tomorrow.  I know that there is some super stuff out there in the great wide bloggy world that I need to read. 


  1. Welcome back to computer land.
    I've been having internet difficulties too.
    I think the Comcast computer people have a conspiracy to drive us all crazy!

    Your previous post looks funny. I'm off (who knew?) to read and comment now!

  2. I too having difficutlies and can't spell either. LOL I tried to comment earlier and it wouldn't let me.
    going now to check out your friends blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend!