Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

(I tried to put the button here, but it didn't work):)

Today, I am especially thankful for:
  • the bracelet that arrived today in the mail.  I won a blog giveaway and received a beautiful bracelet!
  • the other surprises that came in the package.  Melanie sent me a book that I haven't read yet and a pretty plaque.
  •  the 4 inches of snow that we had on Sunday!  Haven't seen good snow in a long while.
  •  the chance to run in the sunshine today while wearing  shortsleeves!
  • the whole day to myself. 
  • the privilege of coming before my heavenly Father in prayer and lifting up those who I know are experiencing difficult or scary times.
  • the opportunity to be openly involved in two bible studies with other ladies at my church.  I live in a country where I can do that.....
  • my new blogger friends who keep taking me back to the Word and who will never truly know what their sharing has done for me.....
Blessed Day!!

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  1. Hey Meredith! So glad you had a day to yourself! I decided to be a good mommy and let the boys skip nap so they could play outside... well, I regretted it because instead they came in, where very loud, and now I have a headache :(

    But I did get to run today too! Before James went to work... it felt good!


  2. Great list of thanks! I do remember the days when I longed for time alone. Now I have to much time alone! They grow up in a blink of an eye!