Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Tuesday....

I've been checking in with my blogger friends who participate in Tuesdays Together in the Word.  I enjoy reading their thoughts and insights.  If you go to Tricia's or DeeDee's blog you can learn more about it, and visit others who participate.  I started out the year skipping around some, so I'm not exactly on schedule with these guys but it really does encourage me. 

 Yesterday, I worked a 6-3 shift, which means I left the house at 0455.  I've been working mostly 11am-7pm shifts, so this abrupt change might have been a bit ambitious for one my age, but I got over it.  Once I got there I learned that a friend was dealing with the death of her husband.  He committed suicide.  For the sake of her privacy, I dare not write more, but it was not a quiet passing.  My heart is breaking to know she is in pain.......

Luke 22 describes the "sifting like wheat" that Satan relishes in, even "demands".  I know I've experienced bad that God uses for good,  and I pray that my faith "did not fail"........but what about when you are watching it happen to someone else??

In college, one of my favorite conference speakers was Esther Burroughs. (sp?) Because I was in college for such a long time,:)  I heard her speak at more than one BSU conference.  Now that I think about it,  I even had to speak BEFORE her during one of those conferences.  (Weird?)  Her words on "living water" stick with me even now, 13+ years later:).  Do I overflow with the living water of the Spirit on a daily basis?  Am I filled up enough to actually overflow?  Will MY feeble attempts at comfort irritate or soothe my hurting friend?  Will I listen to God's voice for appropiate timing and divine appointments?  I'm still chewing on it......

I really did not FEEL like blogging about this stuff today.  I really wanted to blog ( for days now) about my cool new water bottle that I bought and how it might encourage you all in your 2009 health and wellness efforts.  I guess I will have to share that on a later date, cause this other stuff just came on out........I guess the subjects are related.?....sorta...........if you dug really deep and had the energy to go there............living water..............whew, my brain is tired........


  1. I'll be praying for your friend. I'm glad she has you.

  2. I love this blog. I will be praying for your friend. I look forward to hearing about your cool new water bottle.

  3. Oh Meredith... my heart breaks for your friend, as it hits so close to home for me, in the death of my cousin. I know how you feel, you want to be there for support and comfort but you really do not know what to say or do... but God will guide you.

    I will be praying for her, and if at some point she wants to talk to someone who is going through the same thing I can talk to my cousin's wife and see if she is willing to talk with her...


  4. Hey Meredith - Glad that you joined us. I added the link to your blog on my Mister Linky. I too, am so sorry for your friend. I will be praying for her and the rest of the family. It is hard to go through the sifting ourselves. And so hard to watch those we know and love go through it too.
    Good post. Look forward to hearing about the water bottle too :)
    Sweet Blessings,

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this...it is so hard to watch others suffer through sorrow. And, I too struggle with whether my words, my presence will comfort or cause more pain...and have cried out numerous times to God for His sufficient grace in this area. I had a friend who was very "gifted" in the calling of "walking in the valley" alongside someone in the middle of their brokenness. And, although the Lord has called me to walk with others, offering the comfort that He once gave me in my own valley, I often feel ill-equipped and inadequate for the task. I love the song "Love Them Like Jesus" by Casting Crowns. It covers this subject well. (It's on the playlist at the bottom of my blog, if you have never heard it and wish to.) Thanks again for sharing your heart. I'm praying...for you, and your friend.

    In His Grace,
    Kelly Gerken
    Sufficient Grace Ministries for Women